Closet Company: The Number Of Bags Of Clothes Can You Get Rid Of?

Once I started folding and packaging, I recognized that I didn't have so much a website however a closet to another dimension filled with limitless junk. A "Narnia" populated by a minimum of 5 years' worth of bad judgment.

For me, cleaning up and organization is a viewer sport. Meaning, I have actually written many short articles about the topic, however my home life is one filled with moderate clutter.

Can you do my closet next? Flickr image by George Eastman House.

It's a standard-sized closet that, I believed, was somewhat organized in that there were things on wall mounts and stuff in boxes. As soon as I started folding and packaging, I realized that I didn't have so much a closet but a website to another dimension filled with limitless junk.

I quickly got the trash bags.

A relocation brings out odd things in individuals. My sweetheart, for example, became unusually protective of the 30-cent drinking glasses that were not worth the trouble of moving throughout the room not to mention 50 miles. And then he began positioning things willy-nilly in boxes, sealing them up before I might recognize that he stored half of my shoe collection. And by "half," I mean: The left or best shoe of nearly every set. From someone who alphabetizes his action figure collection, this was really odd habits.

In my case, it was a newly found disregard for sentimentality. Where in the past, I never satisfied This Site a classic knick-knack I didn't like, I now got a thrill out of putting them in the ever-growing "FREE" box. 4 sets of sixties china? What am I, getting ready for a state dinner? BYE! (Confession: I kept 2 sets.) If I didn't observe my feline, Roscoe, sitting amongst a paradoxical keepsake spoon collection, he would have new owners by now.

So once I got to the closet, I was primed for ruthlessness. I didn't so much provide things a 2nd glimpse as I put every single uncomfortable, old, just outdated or a little shabby garment in a donation bag.

2 hours later ...

Photo by Brie Dyas

... I had 7 bags. That's at least 50 pounds of bad clothes that I didn't know I had, not to mention take pleasure in wearing. There truly is no reason for that. I'm challenging you to do the same: go into a closet and start purging.

And if you require a couple of pointers from a newly-convinced organizer, here you go:

They can end up having unexpected attachments to things in your wardrobe that you didn't believe two times about. If necessary, provide them 3 vetos that offer them the power to override your decision.

Dealing with a jam-packed closet is intimidating, which is why most of us put off the procedure till outdoors forces intervene. Possibilities are, however, you'll desire to keep on tossing things out.

Old blankets can go to animal shelters (like the North Coast Animal League America), a bag of old workwear can go to a company like Gown For Success and the rest go straight to the thrift organization of your choice. One note: It may appear practical to toss your bags into the nearby contribution bin, but often the contents of said bins are shipped off to be made into rags.

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